The Outdoor Media Association is the voice of Outdoor Advertising in Ireland. We represent Out-of-Home companies, promote the benefits of Outdoor, and develop professional standards in the business. When industry policy and best-practice are being formulated we are at the table, ensuring that the interests of Out-of-Home media are taken on board.

We work to enhance the industry as a whole, promoting creativity and effectiveness through the Outdoor Advertising Awards and proving the value of our diverse formats with industry audience research Joint National Outdoor Research (JNOR). OMA are the founding members of this Ireland-wide audience measurement system.


OMA collate the outdoor spend figures for Nielsen, the industry standard measure of advertising spend in Ireland. Nielsen recorded 21% growth for the industry over the past 5 years on the back of sustained investment by the member companies.



Out-of-Home Brings the Message Home


Out-of-Home advertising is so flexible that it can deliver you audience at a national, local and hyperlocal level.  There’s an Outdoor advertising format to suit every brief and every budget from traditional billboards and bus advertising to digital formats across the roads, transport hubs and retail locations.  Outdoor advertising guarantees visibility.  And thanks to the development of digital, it’s a medium that adapts, innovates and interacts and becomes a dynamic force in the advertising world.



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